Kahtan Awni


Dr. Awni has a diversified engineering experience covering the government, private sector and academia for 14+ years. He is a specialist in aircraft dynamics and flight controls. Kahtan began his career in flight controls modeling and simulation in the private sector before moving to the US Air Force as a civilian Aerospace Engineer. At USAF, he assumed Engineering Management roles including airworthiness certification, deficiency and engineering change reports management as well as audit leadership. When returned to the private sector, Kahtan contracted with Northrop Grumman as a Guidance, Navigation and Control engineer working in major unmanned flight test programs. Notable programs where Kahtan acquired his experience were the C-17 and the Global Hawk programs. Kahtan is a consultant in his field and actively participating at the Society of Automotive Engineers AeroTech technical conferences as well as SAE-A6 forum technical committee. He is also a part time professor at the Mechanical Engineering Department, California State University in Sacramento as well as Los Rios Community College District teaching several engineering classes at the sophomore, junior, senior and graduate levels. Kahtan has a Doctor of Engineering and Master of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering as well as a Master of Science in Engineering Management from the University of Kansas.